Our Story

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I started DJing for a mobile DJ company when I was in high school in Newcastle, Australia back in the late 90s.

It seemed like it would be way more fun than working at McDonalds.

I was correct.

Countless parties later, I have brought together a team of the best DJs in Toronto and professional entertainers who work closely with our valued clients to ensure every event exceeds expectations.

A great DJ set is integral to a successful party. When the party is long gone – the memory of a great night on the dance floor always remains.  

What I have learned over 20 years in live music, is every audience wants variety, but they also desire familiarity. Our DJs take pride in working with this balance and providing a musical experience flowing with depth, energy and exciting routines.

At House Party, we are intrigued by events trying to do something off-the-wall, and are always open to innovation and creating a fluid connection with the music.

We welcome the opportunity to share our experience with you.



Elliott Devine