The Toronto Wolfpack are the world’s first trans-Atlantic sports team, competing in the UK’s professional rugby league competition since 2017. 

In 2018, House Party was selected to plan and execute all promotional and game day entertainment for every match at Lamport Stadium over the summer. Our first achievement was developing the remarkable Toronto Wolfpack Dance Squad, with 12 male and female dancers led by highly decorated dance Coach, Meagan Speakman.

At the opening home game of 2018 we also revealed the first ever Toronto Wolfpack mascot, Jefferson, designed in-house by House Party. Jefferson was an immediate smash hit with the fans and became a huge part of the 2018 season, until he was stolen!

Thieves broke in and stole the Jefferson suit from the stadium after the million pound game in October 2018, so we needed a new mascot until a brand new Jefferson suit could be produced. Enter Gordo. The budget mascot, produced by House Party (for roughly $300) who went moderately viral and made waves on local news and radio.

Before our fans flood the stands as gates open, our House Party team is on the ground early on Saturdays installing a 15KW sound system to accommodate the anthem singers, DJ, announcer, presentations and our wild halftime shows.

Every halftime for ten minutes, the House Party team put on a show for the fans, with everything from dramatic soap operas involving the two mascots, the Beer Olympics, Pro Wrestling, and Medieval Times Knight battles for good measure.

The fun doesn’t stop after the match, as House Party quickly and effortlessly setup the headline House Party DJ in the stands to play tunes to a packed Beer Garden as the sun goes down.